I would have to start by saying that watering is by far the most difficult portion of growing a garden.  During the summer its detrimental to miss even a single day of watering.  This really puts a damper on any of those summer plans you may have for vacation.  One thing I recommend setting up as soon as possible is an automated watering system.  Depending on the size of your garden that could be just some spaghetti line or a PVC sprinkler set up.   I take many trips and would not have a garden without some sort of watering system.  All of my potted plants have gravity fed watering setups, my stationary garden has its own dedicated watering line connected to a timer.

There are many different types of watering systems, depending on the location and resources available.

Indoors I recommend using gravity fed systems,

Outdoors I would recommend using PVC and standard sprinklers if possible, for a less invasive set up you can use the standard spaghetti line

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